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Helpful Selling Hints

Preparing your home for maximum saleability

We work hand in hand with you to achieve your aims which are ultimately to get the best possible price in the best possible timescale. These are the areas where you can really help us to help you:

  • Quote a realistic asking price from day one, rather than having to reduce later on
  • Ensure we can get access to your property at all reasonable times with prior notice
  • Ensure we know what you will be leaving, and what you intend to take
  • Freshen up your décor with a lick of paint – but do it properly! Quick “touch-ups” will be obvious.
  • Consider freshly cleaning your carpets
  • If you are a little ashamed of your garden, a couple of days work for a gardener can make a huge difference and will not cost as much as you think!
  • Remove clutter, including things hanging on doors and in entrance halls.
  • Avoid accompanying your agent around the house if they are doing a viewing for you. If possible go out, or stay out of earshot – we don’t want to banish you from your own home but the agent is trained in buyer psychology and in overcoming objections. Buyers are more likely to comment freely and honestly out of earshot of the vendor.
  • Keep all pets and children out of the way on a viewing – no matter how cute!
  • Any significant defects must be pointed out to us and/or remedied as soon as possible
  • If the buyer tries to discuss price or terms with you refer them back to us, we are trained to negotiate on your behalf.

Feedback from viewings

What they say and what they really mean!

Post-viewing feedback is given usually 24-48 hours after each viewing. Most serious buyers are happy to take our calls and give us honest feedback which we will pass onto you to help you to make a decision as to the best way forward. Buyers are human though – normally they do not want to offend and therefore interpreting what they say and what they really mean can be difficult. We will help you to do this.

Another word of advice, traditionally it has taken a national average of c.10 viewings to find the right buyer and this figure will increase and decrease depending on market trends. There is a buyer out there for every property, and we might find them straight away for you but don’t be disheartened if the first viewer doesn’t snap it up!

Reduce your stress!

There is no denying it – moving home can be one of life’s most stressful times. Do remember though that it really is a minority of cases that go dreadfully wrong so there is no reason to presume yours will. It is best not to get too excited or ahead of yourself by picturing yourself in your new home too soon. Then, if the worst did happen it won’t be quite so disappointing. It is a busy time with lot’s to do but it is also exciting! If there is anything you don’t understand you are always welcome to call us, but we hope these checklists will help to ease the stress during your move:

1. The buying cycle

  • Enquire about mortgage availability and get an agreement in principle
  • Make an offer on the property
  • Nominate a solicitor to act for you
  • Fill out the solicitors forms quickly and give them any money they request for searches etc
  • Instruct your mortgage lender to go ahead and carry out their valuation
  • If required, instruct a surveyor to carry out a separate survey
  • Obtain quotes for removals – do not confirm dates until you have exchanged contracts
  • When the paperwork is ready, sign your contracts and suggest dates you would like to complete (move). Do not book removals until you have exchanged contracts!
  • Your solicitor will exchange contracts when the whole chain is ready.
  • Be patient on completion day – sometimes the keys for your new home will be available quite early, but if there is a chain it can be later in the afternoon before you may be able to move in.

2. Important contacts – we recommend waiting until you have exchanged contracts before notifying the following:

  • Family / friends
  • Employers
  • Bank / Building societies / Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Mail order companies
  • Sports Clubs / Gym
  • Health professionals eg doctor, dentist, optician
  • Vets
  • TV licence
  • Council tax
  • DVLA
  • Milkman
  • Newspapers
  • Post office – arrange redirection
  • AA / RAC
  • Car insurers

3. Essential contacts – don’t forget to give them your old readings as well as sorting out your new connection

  • Electric company
  • Water company
  • Gas company
  • Oil delivery company (if applicable)
  • Telephone company
  • Broadband provider
  • Satellite / Cable / Streaming TV service providers
  • Buildings and Contents insurers (put Buildings on risk on exchange of contracts)

4. On the day of the move:

  • Eat a good breakfast – you don’t know when you might get the chance to eat again!
  • We recommend giving pets to family or friends, or putting cats in a cattery for the day – moving is stressful for them too and it is better they are out of the way.
  • Keep some essential items in a box in the car so you know where to find them eg map, kitchen roll, kettle, tea, coffee, etc

Make sure you have these items to hand:

  • Food and drink
  • Light bulbs
  • Bin-liners
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet roll / kitchen roll
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Towels
  • Bed linen
  • Toothbrushes
  • Basic cooking utensils
  • Vital documents
  • First aid
  • Spare clothes
  • Jewellery / Valuables
  • Wallet / Purse
  • Toys for children

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